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MFour Debuts Mobile-First Ad Measure

January 17 2019

In the US, MFour Mobile Research has unveiled a mobile-first approach to digital ad effectiveness measurement.

Chris St. HilaireMFour uses GPS technology to collect information at what it calls the 'point of emotion'; and has developed the Surveys On The Go app, providing access to an all-mobile panel, and the MFourDIY survey tool. Last year, the firm launched its Path2-Purchase Platform, through which users can field real-time location-based surveys and capture motivations and emotions at 'any point' in the purchasing cycle.

The new offering, 'Digital Brand Studies', taps into MFour's all-mobile panel of 2.5 million US consumers - which includes Millennials, GenZ, Hispanics and African-Americans - to provide representation of the mobile audiences digital ad campaigns need to reach. Users can interview two demographically matched audiences of at least 100 consumers each - an exposed test group and an unexposed control group. In addition, real-time reporting enables in-flight optimization of ad campaigns, and users can choose a turnkey solution that includes impact analysis, or a custom solution for more in-depth analysis and attribution.

Co-founder and CEO Chris St. Hilaire (pictured) comments: 'Until now, digital ad measurement has been directional at best, focused on desktops rather than smartphones despite consumers' massive shift to mobile. Brands are shifting ad spend to mobile because they know that's where consumers are. Digital Brand Studies provide accurate, validated metrics. Measuring ad effectiveness doesn't have to be like reading tea leaves anymore'.

Web site: www.mfour.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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