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eFive Sensory Products Insights Platform Debuts in US

February 21 2019

In the US, full-service consumer understanding specialist Curion has launched eFive, a sensory and product insights platform for emerging brands, with testing facilities in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and New York City.

Sean BiscegliaFormed in 2017, through the merger of consumer product testing agency Q Research Solutions (QRS) and sensory methodology developer Tragon Corporation, Curion employs 'Quantitative Descriptive Analysis', a behavioral method where panel members use different senses to identify product similarities and differences. It also offers a Product Optimization (PROP) solution, using an interactive and experimental approach to determine which sensory and analytical measures predict product preferences.

eFive analyzes response to products that invoke the five human senses - taste, touch, sight, smell and sound - to reduce the risk of marketplace failure. With access research services, and experience backed by Curion's methods, emerging brands can understand why consumers prefer one product over another, how to improve their product, and how it performs in comparison to the competition. Acceptance testing is used to help understand consumers' reactions to products and packaging or identify concept dissonance early in product development. Qualified respondents recruited from the firm's database participate in product evaluations, providing usage feedback as well as attitudes on product categories.

Curion CEO Sean Bisceglia (pictured), comments: 'Legacy brands have long enjoyed the competitive advantage of sensory research, coupled with precise data analytics. With eFive, we can give emerging and craft brands research and sensory testing that delivers valuable insights with speed and accuracy'.

Web sites: www.curioninsights.com and www.efiveinsights.com .

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