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Qualtrics Launches XM Learning Platform

May 21 2019

US-based Qualtrics has launched an on-demand learning platform called Experience Basecamp, to help organizations develop experience management (XM) skills.

Qualtrics Launches XM Learning PlatformSAP-owned Qualtrics helps brands continually assess the quality of their four 'core experiences' - customers, employees, products and brands. The new Experience Basecamp has been developed to help companies gain XM skills, generate industry insights and become 'experts' in experience management. Users of the platform can learn how to use XM products such as CustomerXM, EmployeeXM and Research Core, which measure and improve these four core experiences.

More than 60 courses are currently available on the platform, including Core Research Practices to help customers gain insights into collection, understanding, analysing and reporting user feedback; Employee Lifecycle, to help organizations discover how to gather, measure and act on employee experience data; and Acting on Customer Feedback, to teach organizations how to design, visualize and convert customer feedback into insights.

Brian Stucki, Global Head of Customer Success, comments: 'Whether you are new to Qualtrics or have been building experience programs for years, Experience Basecamp delivers a unique experience for Qualtrics customers that will take them to the next level. From how-to instructions for our technology, to best practices and business value delivery, the expert-backed courses will prepare anyone to succeed in experience management'.

Web site: www.qualtrics.com .

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