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New Facebook MR App Pays Users for Their Data

June 12 2019

Facebook has launched a reward-based market research app called 'Study from Facebook', through which users can sell data on how they use competitors' apps.

New Facebook MR App Pays Users for Their DataFacebook will run ads to encourage people to participate in this market research program; and when someone clicks on an ad, they'll be given the option to register and, if they qualify, they'll be invited to download the app. Once signed up, people will see a description of how the app works and what information they'll be sharing with Facebook, so they can confirm they want to participate. Anyone over the age of 18 who uses the app will be compensated for contributing to the research; and real-world testing specialist Applause will manage the registration process, all compensation to participants, and customer support.

Through the program, Facebook will collect and analyze information including details about the apps installed on a participant's phone; the amount of time spent using those apps; participants' country, device and network time; and app activity names. Study from Facebook does not collect user IDs, passwords, or any of the participant's content such as photos, videos, and messages, and Facebook doesn't sell information from the app to third parties, or use it to target ads.

The app will initially be available to people in the US and India, and will be expanded to other countries over time. In a statement, Facebook said: 'Approaching market research in a responsible way is really important. Transparency and handling people's information responsibly have guided how we've built Study from Facebook. We plan to take this same approach going forward with other market research projects that help us understand how people use different products and services.'

Web site: www.facebook.com .

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