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IAB Tech Lab Finalizes Data Transparency Standard

July 4 2019

Non-profit consortium the IAB Tech Lab has completed the first version of its Data Transparency Standard, supporting companies that collect audience data for targeting, personalization or measurement of digital ads.

Dennis BuchheimA part of trade association the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the lab is tasked with producing and helping companies implement global technical standards and solutions for the digital media and ad industries. Its new standard asks data providers to provide details of segment quality, addressing segment recency, provenance, and segmentation criteria. The framework establishes baseline expectation for data sellers regarding the additional information that buyers need to make an informed purchase decision, along with a standard audience taxonomy so buyers can compare like segments across vendors, and software to deliver this data to buyers in their platform of choice via an open source API.

Additionally, the lab has launched an affiliated Data Transparency Standard Compliance Program, which will be available to any organization that offers data, whether syndicated separately or bundled alongside with media, and is also open to adoption by marketplaces where data is bought and sold. Companies that agree to be part of the program will go through an annual business audit, and those that complete the program will be issued an IAB Tech Lab compliance seal confirming their adherence to transparency principles and best practices.

Dennis Buchheim (pictured), EVP and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, comments: 'Data transparency is a table-stakes requirement to ensure responsible and effective use of audience data - and companies that provide consistent access to detailed information about their data will attract more business. Taking part in the corresponding compliance program will further differentiate an organization, affirming their full commitment to the highest standards'.

Web site: www.iabtechlab.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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