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Kantar Deal Adds Social Media Intell to TGI

October 9 2019

In India, Kantar and artificial intelligence platform Frrole have partnered to launch a service called 'TGI Social+', which combines consumer profiles from Kantar's consumer survey TGI with social media analytics to provide a 'holistic' understanding of online consumers.

Hemant MehtaTGI, established by BMRB in 1969, measures consumer product and brand consumption, attitudes and media usage - with coverage of 3000 brands, 400 categories and 300 lifestyle statements - and is used for consumer profiling, brand positioning, media planning and buying. Its new partner Frrole delivers consumer intelligence through AI for social media listening, audience and influencer intelligence.

TGI Social+ has been developed to help marketers segment their consumers based on demographics, geography, category consumption behaviour, lifestyle and psychographic profilers and media touchpoints through TGI; and connect with them in their own language when they are most engaged. Frrole's contribution adds an understanding of the individual's 'online personality', behaviour, social media activity time, interests and hobbies across the spectrum.

Commenting on the new offer, Kantar Insights Division MD Hemant Mehta (pictured) says: 'Social media analytics gives marketers a unique opportunity to comprehensively understand their consumers, gather their feedback, their likes and dislikes, their issues and interests effectively. This 360-degree understanding of their consumers can help them tailor their messages sharply and make them more relevant and reach the right audience. TGI Social+ is our unique, first of its kind offer that helps brands to engage and talk to their consumers in their language using relevant themes, at relevant times and on relevant online channels'.

Web sites: www.kantar.com and www.frrole.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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