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Nielsen Influencer Brand Effect Measure Launched

November 6 2019

Nielsen has launched its Influencer Brand Effect measurement solution, to help advertisers evaluate the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Barney FarmerThe new solution is designed to help brands and agencies measure the effectiveness of their influencer marketing activity against brand metrics such as brand awareness, ad recall, favourability and purchase intent. It also provides content metrics to assess the perceived 'fit' between a brand and the influencer, the right influencers to drive specific brand goals, and whether content is effective at shifting audience perceptions.

Responses from real people who follow influencers are measured, to determine how effective the influencer has been at driving key brand metrics. Respondents are screened to ensure they fall within the target audience before being presented with a list comprising of all influencers on a media plan, along with other influencers operating within the same area. Respondents that follow the specific influencers will fall into the 'Test' group (and also given an additional recall-based question to ascertain exposure to influencer content) and those that do not, will fall into the 'Control' group. Throughout the campaign period, a brand KPI survey is administered to both Test and Control groups and brand uplift is determined by comparing the performance of the Test group against the Control group.

Barney Farmer (pictured), UK Media Commercial Director, comments: 'The Nielsen Influencer Brand Effect solution gives brands and agencies a greater understanding of the impact of their influencer campaigns. By analysing KPIs such as familiarity, likeability and branding, research can provide actionable insights for brands to ensure that they are always improving their communications and relationships with their consumers.'

Web site: www.nielsen.com .

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