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'Express Surveys' Launched on Kantar Marketplace

December 2 2019

Kantar has expanded the portfolio of quick turnaround research available through its Marketplace, with the roll-out of a service called Express Surveys, initially in the US.

Marc RyanKantar Marketplace is an on-demand research platform that combines validated sample reach to seventeen million US consumers with quick turnaround self-serve custom surveys, insights solutions and expert consulting. Express Surveys was designed to make it easy for users to create a simple survey and get answers to their questions in hours, or even minutes. With more than one thousand profiling attributes, the firm says it is possible to speak to almost any type of person, and that the service can be used to answer ad hoc queries about consumer opinions, check out hypotheses about consumer preferences, choose product names, and evaluate a new idea, logo or packaging design.

Marc Ryan (pictured), Chief Data Officer, comments: 'Kantar Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Kantar's growing portfolio of quick turnaround research solutions that meet clients evolving needs for fast, robust insight. The pace of marketing means you can't afford to wait days for insights and answers. The expansion of our online research and insights store to include Express Surveys means our clients can act quickly and with confidence'.

Web site: www.kantarmarketplace.com .

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