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Project X Launches OOH Analytics Suite

December 24 2019

In New York, technology-driven, Out-of-Home (OOH) media agency Project X has released an interactive analytics suite through which advertisers can monitor the performance of their OOH ad campaigns.

John LaramieProject X provides access to every format of OOH inventory (digital and traditional) across the US, combining technology and data-enabled solutions to help marketers throughout the OOH ad process - from audience-based planning, to production, proof of posting and more. The firm's new analytics dashboard, which will be available early next year, pulls regularly updated campaign performance metrics into an online interface; with each metric delivered in the same visual language marketers are accustomed to seeing when they advertise on Google or Facebook.

The technology behind the dashboard, developed in-house by Project X's team of software engineers, relies on API integrations with various data providers including industry body Geopath, creator of the OOH industry's standard for campaign measurement. Custom integrations with first-party datasets, brand lift studies and other measurement methodologies are also available. Clients will be able to access their personalized dashboards at any time, from any device, once their OOH campaigns have gone live, and access to historical data will remain in one place, meaning clients can review their campaigns months - or even years - after they've run.

CEO John Laramie (pictured) comments: 'Today's advertisers are hyper-attuned to ROI. Search and social (media) have given them the ability to track each of their ad dollars as it's spent. We built our dashboard so that our clients can evaluate their campaigns the same way they do for Google or Facebook. We think this will help make OOH more accountable, and thus a bigger part of brands' omnichannel marketing strategies moving forward'.

The firm, which earlier this year completed a round of growth funding earmarked for team and technology development and strategic acquisitions, is online at www.pjxmedia.com .

All articles 2006-20 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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