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Fullscreen Launches 'Parennial' Family Study

January 14 2020

Youth media network and marketing services company Fullscreen has launched a study called 'The Next Gen Family', focused on the 'Parennial' demographic, comprising 36 million Americans between the ages of 25 and 37 with at least one child at home.

Maureen PoloFullscreen's offer includes creative, tools, services and consultation for YouTube content creators and brands, to help understand and engage youth audiences on social media platforms. Two years ago, the company launched TBH (To Be Honest), a proprietary panel of 'social-first' millennials, promising marketers access to an audience of 18-34 year-olds to measure sentiment and preferences, test campaigns and gain other insights.

Research for the new study, conducted in partnership with Talk Shoppe, builds on findings from a 2019 Fullscreen study of more than 1,500 13- to 37-year-olds that looked at several generations and considered changes over the last two years regarding the economy, technology and 'the societal atmosphere'. Additional research was conducted using TBH, and insights have been extracted on what Fullscreen calls the 'Parennial' demographic; the first generation of parents to grow up with social media and 'emerging technology' as part of their communication and content consumption patterns.

The segment makes up more than half (55%) of all Millennials, and the firm says that as its members enter the next phase of their life and use technology to help them parent (as 96% admit), they are approaching parenting, families and children in completely different ways to prior generations - with ROI implications for brands. Maureen Polo (pictured), General Manager of Fullscreen Brand Group, adds: 'Parennials' purchasing power, influence among family and friends, and the multiple consumer personas they exhibit are all areas that brands can capitalize on. We're excited to have gathered this timely and proprietary data and look forward to engaging with brands to help them better understand Parennials and grow the brands' businesses'.

Web site: www.fullscreen.com .

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