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IBM and Nielsen in Cookie-less Ad Targeting Deal

September 15 2020

IBM has partnered with Nielsen Global to launch a solution called 'Watson Advertising Weather Targeting', designed to help marketers make the connection between weather and product sales, without the use of third-party cookies or identifiers.

Johan Sjöstrand and Bob LordIBM Watson Advertising will use Nielsen's Retail Measurement Services (RMS) data, along with data from IBM subsidiary The Weather Company, to help brands activate digital campaigns based on the weather's influence on consumer behavior and emotion, according to zip code. It will automatically serve relevant ads to consumers, and trigger messages only when and where it considers consumers might appreciate the brand message and find it relevant. Using artificial intelligence, the new solution taps into 500 advertising triggers with up to six variables per trigger, across 42,000 zip codes every hour.

Nielsen Global President, Retail Intelligence Johan Sjöstrand says the combination of IBM's weather intelligence and AI with Nielsen's read into consumer purchasing habits will provide marketers with a 'clearer roadmap' in the face of ever-changing patterns. Bob Lord, SVP, Cognitive Applications, Blockchain and Ecosystems at IBM, adds: 'As we prepare for a future without third-party identifiers, it's critical that the industry put consumers at the center and rely on advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to help make sense of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data with a privacy-first mandate'.

Web sites: www.ibm.com and www.nielsen.com .

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