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Senior Promotions at Martin Hamblin GfK

July 23 2004
Martin Hamblin GfK has this week announced two senior appointments. Alastair Bruce, current General Manager of Martin Hamblin GfK Inc (the US-based HealthCare Division), joins the main Board of Martin Hamblin GfK, while Christopher Monos becomes Global Head of Martin Hamblin GfK's Gamma team.

Bruce joined the company just a year ago but has made a significant impact, building a strong portfolio of US domestic healthcare business, and developing the company's web-based healthcare research offering, whilst managing the growing the US-based healthcare team.

Prior to joining Martin Hamblin GfK, Inc., he was responsible for RoperASW (part of the NOP World) custom market research business development activities and before that he was Senior Consultant at Greenfield Online, specialising in online panel research.

Group MD Kjell de Orr says it is 'imperative, both for the company and for our clients, that we have a strong US office with teams who work effectively with their counterparts in Europe'. Steve Grundy, MD of Global HealthCare, will work more closely with Bruce on the continued expansion and development of Global HealthCare business and adds that 'Good teamworking across geographical boundaries is one of the key strengths of the Global HealthCare team'.

Monos, after only 2 months as US Director of Modelling and Forecasting, will head up a restructured Gamma team (the name for Martin Hamblin GfK's dedicated analytics, modelling and forecasting division). Beverley Henry, currently based in the UK, will be relocating to the US office to support Monos and further UK and US appointments will be made soon.

Monos was previously Vice President at Copernicus Marketing Consulting in Westport, CT, USA and Principal Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York, NY. The new appointment recognises both his depth of experience and his expertise in advanced analytics plus, says Kjell de Orr, the company's commitment to offering high-end analytics and modelling services: 'I see Gamma as a key competency for Martin Hamblin GfK and an area which has been earmarked for future development'.

The company's web site is at www.martinhamblin-gfk.com