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Nielsen Automates Video on Demand Measurement

August 22 2005
Nielsen Media Research and software producer Anystream are working together to automatically encode Video On Demand (VOD) content, so that it can be easily incorporated into audience measurement systems. Nielsen is due to include VOD in its TV ratings service from next year.

Anystream software is used by media companies to re-purpose content for digital platforms including the web, mobile and video-on-demand. The new agreement means Anystream can now supply its VOD content production software with built-in Nielsen VOD encoding technology, eliminating complex and costly post-installation upgrades. VOD viewing figures will then be collected using the new Active/Passive (A/P) meter, which responds to the audio codes embedded in the programme's content.

Starting in the second quarter of next year, Nielsen's analysis will include viewing figures for programmes watched via VOD within seven days of their initial airing on traditional TV. By the end of next year, it will also measure VOD viewing of theatrical movies, pay-per-view events, and older television programs. The A/P meter is currently being used in Nielsen's local and national metered samples to collect media viewing data, including timeshifted programs.

Fady Lamaa, Anystream's Product Marketing VP says that, by integrating Nielsen's measurement codes, the company's software gives programmers 'the production economies of scale and the tracking and measurement data required to capitalise on advertising opportunities and develop practical VOD business models'.

Scott Brown, Senior VP of Strategic Relationships, Marketing & Technology at Nielsen, explains how important it is for the company to measure VOD, and says the company is 'working to stay ahead of the marketplace by making major investments in research and development, including leveraging new technologies to efficiently capture viewing'.

Anystream's web site is at www.anystream.com . Nielsen Media Research, part of VNU Media Measurement and Information, is online at www.nielsenmedia.com