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Tony Cowling Appointed TNS President

January 24 2006

Former Chairman of TNS, Tony Cowling, has been made TNS President and Special Advisor. In this role, he will provide the company with advice and consultancy on strategic issues. Cowling has also been awarded the MRS Gold Medal to celebrate his 'outstanding lifetime achievement and contribution to market research'.

The appointment follows the company's announcement of a new Chair and CEO earlier this month(www.mrweb.com/drno/news5036.htm )

Cowling was a co-founder of TNS in 1965, and was subsequently Chief Executive and Chairman, He was an active member of the Professional Standards Committee of the UK's Market Research Society (MRS), and helped to build the Association of Market Survey Organisations (AMSO). He also helped to defend and promote the MR industry in relation to UK legislation on data protection in 1984.

More recently, Cowling has worked on the 'Voice of the People' project, conducted by Gallup International Association (GIA), of which he is now President. GIA collects opinions from 60+ countries on world issues such as poverty, democracy, corruption, health, the environment and human rights. He has worked with GIA and the World Economic Forum (WEF) to make world leaders aware of these views.

David Lowden, the new Chief Executive of TNS, says Cowling 'has been a central figure within TNS over the past 40 years and has unrivalled experience of the market information industry'.

Cowling received the MRS award in recognition of more than 40 years service to the industry. MRS Director General David Barr describes the medal as 'an exceptional and rarely-awarded distinction'. He adds that Cowling has 'exercised major influence over many years on both the professional and commercial development of market research', and describes him as 'an outstanding ambassador for market research'.

The Gold Medal will be presented at the MRS awards ceremony in the autumn.

TNS is online at www.tns-global.com

All articles 2006-20 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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