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IRI and comScore Partner for More Targeted Testing

March 1 2006

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and comScore Networks have announced they will work together to offer clients improved product and advertising testing. The offer will combine IRI's BehaviorScan(R) in-market testing solution and comScore's advanced MR and targeting capabilities.

IRI President and CEO Scott W. Klein says his firm is 'capitalizing on the advances comScore has brought to the practice of behavioral and attitudinal research... By capturing more consumer purchases in more outlets, IRI is uniquely positioned to help clients quickly make comprehensive evaluations of high-risk or high-investment new products and ad campaigns.'

Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of comScore Networks and a former Chairman and CEO of IRI, says his company is 'eager to deliver added value to IRI clients by precisely reaching targeted buyers and eliciting direct consumer feedback.'

The partnership will make use of comScore's existing BAR(r) (behavior activated research) agreement with Catalina Marketing Corporation. comScore targets consumers with survey invitations at checkouts based on their purchase behavior via Catalina's retail printer network, installed in 17,900 supermarkets and stores. The system gives access to any consumer segment including niche groups and hard-to-reach segments - or in this case those exposed to BehaviorScan testing. Based on actual purchase behavior, covering current or historical transactions, consumers are issued a survey invitation with details for completing the survey via the Internet or by phone.

comScore Networks is online at www.comscore.com and IRI at www.us.infores.com

All articles 2006-18 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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