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Web Analytics Tool Upgraded

November 23 2006
WebTrends, the web analytics company, has just launched the latest version of WebTrends Marketing Warehouse™, helping marketers to link customers’ online actions with their offline profiles from demographic, psychographic and geographic data.

For example, a marketer could combine online behaviour – such as how frequently someone visits the website, how recently they have visited, and the product interest they exhibited – with important offline characteristics – such as past offline purchases, age or satisfaction rating – to create segments to target with relevant on-site offers, or e-mail campaigns.

New product features include:
  • High Value Events – which captures actions visitors perform online, without requiring marketers to ‘reprocess’ data or make changes to their web site
  • Visitor 360 – which combines behaviour information with any other visitor information held in other systems, such as account histories, demographics and purchase data
  • Visitor Quick List – which enables marketers to pull lists of visitor IDs, e-mail addresses and other attributes into other systems, such as e-mail marketing programmes.
‘The ability to understand customers across multiple channels is something marketers have been striving to achieve for years’ said CEO and President Greg Drew. ‘Without this ability, marketers have had a fragmented view of their customers. Our solution changes all that by tying offline and online behaviour together, and providing the facility to easily and instantly act on the insight to drive stronger, more profitable relationships.’

WebTrends Marketing Warehouse™ is available as software or as a hosted on-demand service. Registration and further information is at www.webtrends.com/warehouse .