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April 16 2018

Catrin NicholsLondon-based opinion and behaviour research specialist BritainThinks has appointed Catrin Nichols as a Research Executive.

She joins from MR agency IFF Research where she worked on projects including large scale quant surveys and qualitative studies, in a range of sectors including education, employment and finance.

Launched in 2010 by Opinion Leader co-founders Deborah Mattinson and Viki Cooke and their former colleague Ben Shimshon, BritainThinks offers strategic advice for political, corporate and not-for-profit clients, while its WorldThinks international division has a specific focus on reputation research.

Deborah Mattinson, Partner at BritainThinks, says of the new arrival: 'We're delighted to have Catrin joining our team and look forward to working with her'.

Web site: www.britainthinks.com .