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November 2 2018

Mureed IbrahimIn the US, mobile research specialist MFour has hired former LinkedIn exec Mureed Ibrahim as a Project Manager in its Operations team, while Scott Demers joins as Solutions Development Representative.

MFour uses GPS technology to collect information at what it calls the 'point of emotion'; and has developed the Surveys On The Go app, providing access to an all-mobile panel, and the MFourDIY tool through which users can design, program and launch their own surveys. Earlier this year, the firm launched a solution called the Path2-Purchase Platform, through which users can field real-time location-based surveys and capture motivations and emotions at 'any point' in the purchasing cycle.

Ibrahim (pictured) joins after running his own user experience/user interface design consultancy, before which, he worked for LinkedIn as Data Assurance Analyst and Bank of America as a Relationship Manager. In his new role, Ibrahim is responsible for designing, coordinating, and executing various projects from conception through to reporting.

Demers joins with a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Irvine. At MFour, he will work with clients to help them understand the benefits of suing the company's mobile research app and first-party consumer panel.

Web site: www.mfour.com .