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January 11 2019

Melinda Han WilliamsIn New York, cross-device audience targeting specialist Dstillery has promoted Melinda Han Williams to the role of Chief Data Scientist.

Dstillery applies proprietary software including the flagship CrossWalk solution, to build targeted audiences based on multi-platform analysis of a brand's existing customers. In August, the firm launched Dscover Maps (DMaps), a geospatial insights tool that provides a detailed view into market composition by geography / location.

Han Williams (pictured), who joined from academia in 2013, will continue to lead the firm's Data Science & Analytics team, pushing machine learning and AI innovation, providing deep domain expertise and best practices to support the company's expanding portfolio of audience insights, data and media activation solutions.

CEO Michael Beebe comments: 'Melinda leads the industry's most sought after data science team of experienced researchers, engineers, and analysts who extract actionable, bespoke insights for brands from massive quantities of observed behavioral and first party data. As AI becomes an even bigger component of every brand's marketing plan, there is no doubt in my mind that Melinda's focus on the customer, technical excellence and talent for data-driven storytelling will accelerate Dstillery's ability to deliver the kinds of insights that marketers need to bring consumer engagement to a whole new level.'

Web site: www.dstillery.com .