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UXDG Design Summit 2022

UXDG Virtual 2022 is Merlien's new flagship event born out of our QUAL360 and UX360 research conference series.

7/9/2022 - 8/9/2022

About this event...

Innovation in UX Design is increasingly important as industries are evolving and emerging technologies are constantly changing. UXDG will cater to this trend and offer a unique platform for world's best designers to showcase their successful UX design strategies.

With expected 1,000+ attendees, UXDG will showcase the latest UX and Product Design - from innovative design thinking processes, product design strategies, to user research and testing. This brand-new conference includes presentations from top-level UX and Product Designers from the world's largest brands, panel discussions and interactive workshops.

This is a must-attend conference for UX designers to learn, be inspired and network.

For more detail see the event web site.

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