MRWho - People and skills in Market Research

Issue 10 - January 2003

MRWho is the first supplement to DRNO, subtitled 'People and Skills in Market Research', and looking at recruitment, training, salaries and benefits, loyalty, teambuilding and all other aspects of human resources for the MR profession.

Whether or not you regard last year as one of recession depends largely on who you work, or worked for. Some research agencies went out of business, but others report that they are doing rather well, and overall the level of job advertising on MrWeb suggests that the industry has picked itself up from the low of February 2002 and is now fairly buoyant. In our main article we look at the vacancy and salary stats for January to December in detail and ask '2002: How was it for you?'

There's also a look at pharmaceutical and healthcare research skills and the state of the job market in this particular sub-sector of research, to coincide with the launch of our distinct site,

MRWho has about 850 subscribers including a majority of the bosses of major UK agencies and around 200 blue chip clientside researchers. It's free and comes in a .pdf format so most people print it out, although you can read it on-screen if you prefer. The January edition was phenomenally late - published on 31/1/03 - and is available for download from this site (see bottom right) - you'll need a password and for this you'll need to subscribe. If you'd like to, just email us and say so, giving us your email address (and those of anyone else there who wants it), your JobTitle(s) and the name of your company - this will only be used for our own stats, ie so we can give advertisers general information about the types of people reading it - and for our own analysis / edification. Re confidentiality of this: we are MRS members and you know the drill!

If you're not in an HR function and you think your company's personnel or training people would be interested, please let them know - there is no limit to the number of subscribers per company, of course.

Mean Salaries for Research Roles


arrow   2002: How Was It For You? - vacancies and salaries on MrWeb 2002, with comparisons with 2001
arrow   Healthy Competition - careers in pharmaceutical and healthcare research
arrow   Love and Hate - Marketing Managers for MR Agencies
arrow   Information on training courses in February
arrow   News of senior level and international appointments and vacancies
arrow   Career Clinic will be back next month

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