About the Industry

What do researchers actually do?


Having given you a definition, here we'll try and put some flesh on the bones, and indicate how researchers go about their work. What are the options for designing, conducting, analysing and making use of research and what does each entail?

Research Objectives - Typical Approaches - Data Collection - Analysis - Business Outcomes and Implementation

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All articles in the 'About the Industry' section written by Nick Thomas of MrWeb during July - October 2017, and © MrWeb Ltd 2017. Thanks to GRIT, ESOMAR, the AMA and the MRS for stats and tables used.

About the industry - contents...

1. What is MR and how is it changing?

A comprehensive guide to what we do, how it's changing, and who else does similar stuff.

2. The global industry today

The supply side: revenues, rankings and company info, full listings.

3. Careers in MR

An introduction to the career ladder, activities, salaries and choices.