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GRIT's assessment of the most in-demand skills finds marketing and business strategists very much in demand - nothing new there - but also some specific areas where technology is breaking new ground. With the mass of data available, making sense of it all is gaining in importance versus gathering it. Agencies in particular have long been aware of the need to step up their presentation of data and give clients something which is at once usable and easy on the eye - and as above the software is there to do it now, so they're looking for expertise to match. Data scientists and social media experts are also high on the talent shopping list, with the latter somewhat more important to clients than suppliers.

More to come: a lot more content on skills trends in MR will be added here soon. In the meantime here are the relevant charts from the GRIT survey.

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All articles in the 'About the Industry' section written by Nick Thomas of MrWeb during July - October 2017, and © MrWeb Ltd 2017. Thanks to GRIT, ESOMAR, the AMA and the MRS for stats and tables used.

More to come: a lot more content on skills trends in MR will be added here soon - watch this space.

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