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Jerome Sopocko

Jerome Sopocko

Jerome Sopocko - Founder of Askia, Software for Surveys



Jerome Sopocko studied mathematics and computer sciences in France (EISTI) and the United States (Florida Tech), where he specialized in factor analysis of text data.

He founded Askia in 1994, and spent two years with BMRB where he was employed as a consultant to design the TGI's PTK toolkit.

Jerome moved to England, for love, in 1995; just after Eurostar opened. Leaving his business partner Patrick George to run the Paris office and concentrate on growing the French business while Jerome’s remit in London was and continues to be R&D.

Askia launched with askiaAnalyse a tool designed to facilitate the creation of crosstabs with specific emphasis on open-ended questions and multi-dimensional analysis techniques.

The full suite now includes a questionnaire design product as well as data collection solutions for CATI, CAWI and CAPI. In 2004, askiaVista was launched, an online crosstabbing tool, which has proven to be extremely successful among large MR companies with adopters such as TNS and GfK. The latest product askiaSurf is a tool to combine multiple waves of continuous survey data on the fly.

Askia, is a privately owned company, has offices in Paris, London, Brussels and New York, and customers in 20 countries.

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