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The Lounge
1st Floor, 1 Riverside Manbre Road, London, W6 9WA
0207 3 48 4952

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The Lounge

The Lounge offers a truly relaxing viewing experience, in an environment specifically designed to make viewing a pleasure. The Lounge also offers: a spacious viewing room for 12 people with wi-fi, client break-out areas with a bar and 50" Plasma TV for additional viewing, and an in-house chef serving fresh food
Rooms Available
Room No. 1
No. of Respondents
Observation Room?
up to 12
Room No. 2
No. of Respondents
Observation Room?
up to 6
Room No. 3
No. of Respondents
Observation Room?
Room 3
Room No. 4
No. of Respondents
Observation Room?
Room 4
Services Provided
  • Audio & DVD recording
  • Audio/CD Playback
  • Internet Access for each viewer
Our Additional Services
  • Separate chill out area for clients - which has a 50inch plasma screen with surround sound
  • Hostessing/catering provided
  • On site parking by arrangement
Price Guide
Studio Hire:

Single groups start at: 450 (day) or 550 (evening)

For more information, please visit our website.
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