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MRT takes the newer techniques and technologies in and around the market research industry one by one, and brings you news, jobs, features and directories for each. As of Autumn 2017 the section is expanding and updating again: mobile, big data and online communities sections are live, and we hope to add more sectors soon.
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Online Communities & Custom Panels

Exclusive to MRT: In with the Right Crowd?. Ask a thousand people, at a music festival, to guess the weight of a cow, and take the average, they’ll get the wrong answer... getting the right people in your community is crucial, says Toluna's MD, Europe and MENA, Paul Twite

From the Web: 3 lessons from Coca-Cola's global innovation community - Read on the Vision Critical blog - published Oct. '17

Keeping communities human - by Kyle Kim-Hays, Toluna EVP Global Digital Marketing - published in Sept '17 - Read on Toluna's site

mobile device


Reports of desktop's death have been greatly exaggerated (in the UK anyway) say UKOM and comScore. Read on UKOM site

Exploring the use of emojis in qual research. Read on GreenBook

The challenge

Big Data & BI

Where are they now? Catching up with IIeX EU 2016 Competition Winner Read on GreenBook

Machine learning says the 2017 Oscar Winner is... La La Land. (It was on the cards. One of them anyway) Read it here

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Warning: *Old* content. Feature articles could still be of interest, other sections not updated...
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Some of the above will get their own new-style sections in the next year - check back every now and then or watch DRNO for announcements :)