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TouchPoints Roll-Out for US

March 2 2010

In the US, GfK-owned MRI and the Media Behavior Institute (MBI) plan to deliver a syndicated, consumer-centric multi-media database using the TouchPoints methodology developed by the IPA in the UK.

Kathi LoveThe IPA's (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) TouchPoints initiative provides insights into how people use all media, and offers a view of a 'week in the life' of consumer behaviour and how media usage fits into their lives.

MBI (itself a partnership between media research specialist Sequent and the Center of Media Design at Ball State University) has exclusively licensed the TouchPoints name and methodology for use in the US.

Along with MRI (Mediamark Research & Intelligence), the pair will create a USA TouchPoints study that will offer detailed attitudinal, category and brand purchase behavior for consumers via MRI's 'Survey of the American Consumer' information.

USA TouchPoints will reveal how media is used throughout the day and week; and demonstrate precisely when, for instance, consumers are using media alone, using several media concurrently and using media concurrent with another life activity.

'Our goal is to create a US database of consumer activity that can serve as a hub of information on all the factors that could affect a consumer's receptivity to a brand message,' explained MRI's President and CEO, Kathi Love.

Through a pilot study, Love said that her firm was able to pinpoint where a respondent was, who they were with, what they were doing and what media they encountered.

'Because these consumers are respondents of our Survey of the American Consumer, we also know what they buy and how they think,' stated Love. 'This facilitates the highest form of context planning by helping to identify and define communications opportunities, enhance the planning process and inform budget allocation decisions.'

Web sites: www.mediamark.com , www.mediabehavior.com and www.ipa.co.uk .

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