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Mindshare Adds QR Codes to Mobile Surveys

November 18 2011
US-based Mindshare Technologies has added QR (quick response) codes to its feedback management platform, to enable consumers to provide immediate feedback to a mobile-optimized survey through their smartphones and mobile devices.

John SperryMindshare, which specialises in the development of real-time survey and analysis tools, last month closed a $20m investment deal, and is aiming to grow and expand its product range rapidly. The firm says QR code support will make it easier for respondents to access survey forms on a mobile device, and thus boost response. The codes can be embedded into POS (point of sale) material to invite participation in post shopping experience surveys, or used to capture feedback from non-buyers, to determine why they chose not to make a purchase.

John Sperry, CEO of Mindshare, explains: ‘When a customer or non-buyer gives feedback after seeing a QR code, their experience is still fresh in their mind, so our clients get targeted responses and opinions in real time. This is one of the many ways Mindshare continues to impact the way mobile accessibility changes how people interact with brands and improves customer experience.’

Web site: www.mshare.net .