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Evergage Launches Data Aggregation Hub

August 2 2016

In the US, real-time personalization and behavioral tracking specialist Evergage has launched a solution to help marketers make sense of and act on customer data gathered from disparate sources such as CRM systems, e-mail platforms, ad networks, and point-of-sale information.

Karl WirthEvergage, which raised $10m in January, offers a cloud-based platform which delivers real-time personalization to more than 500 million web visitors of various publishing sites, based on behavioral analytics and customer data. Its services include multivariate and A/B testing functionality, a predictive recommendation engine, and a solution that helps companies adapt each visitor's experience based on industry or company name.

The new 'Everage Data Hub' aggregates information from a variety of systems to produce a unified view of each customer for use in real-time personalization. Specific features include 25 'out-of-the-box' integrations that enable sharing of visitor and campaign details between systems; additional configurations which can pull information to and from any other data source - such as importing in-store transactional data to provide a picture of a consumer's full purchase history; and integration of a full spectrum of online and off-line visitor information.

Karl Wirth (pictured), co-founder and CEO of Evergage, comments: 'It's common for marketers today to have customer data in more than a dozen different locations, but with our new solution, the data is easily synchronized. Now, marketers can capture deep behavioral data and sync with external attribute data for a single view of each customer or account, which improves the value and drives greater benefit for both marketers and their customers'.

Web site: www.evergage.com .

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