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Lightspeed All Global Becomes Lightspeed Health

January 27 2017
WPP's Warren, New Jersey-based healthcare data company Lightspeed All Global has been renamed Lightspeed Health.

Jennifer CarreaOriginally known as All Global, the firm was acquired by WPP in 2007, and integrated into the group's online panels specialist Lightspeed in 2014. Now known as Lightspeed Health, the firm combines its healthcare industry specialization with Lightspeed's panel expertise. Lightspeed Global CEO David Day says the group sees 'tremendous growth opportunity' for the division.

Lightspeed Health CEO Jennifer Carrea (pictured) says the rebranded firm 'signifies a new chapter of growth as we continue to build and strengthen our panels'. She adds: 'This transformation reflects our sole focus to provide complete, seamless healthcare solutions that empower our clients'.

Web site: www.lightspeed-health.com .