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Brandwatch Launches Social Intelligence Maturity Model

September 8 2017

Social media intelligence specialist Brandwatch has launched a free tool called the 'Social Intelligence Maturity Model' (SIMM), to measure the value of a business's social media strategy and guide its future growth.

Giles PalmerBrandwatch, which was launched in 2007 and has offices in Brighton, UK, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris and Singapore, archives social media conversations and provides tools to analyse them. In January, the company launched a solution called Unlimited Historical Data, which uses the Twitter decahose (a randomly sampled 10% selection of the Twitter Firehouse), along with Brandwatch's archive of online conversation, to fill dashboards with historical data.

The firm's new SIMM tool uses a Social Intelligence Maturity Assessment, which evaluates the 'sophistication' of a company's social media strategy. It then aggregates responses to offer tailored recommendations to increase the value businesses gain from social media. Founder and CEO Giles Palmer (pictured) comments: 'Social (media) intelligence has evolved as an industry, but noticeably lacked a barometer to accurately gauge and guide its growth. We've distilled what we've learned from working with thousands of businesses to identify clear stages to show how social (media) strategy develops. The online assessment is there to help any company understand where they are now and where they can go next. It gives quick answers and clarity to what is normally a complex problem'.

Web site: www.brandwatch.com .

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