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System1 Launches Video Content Tracker

September 26 2017

UK-based behavioural science specialist System1 has launched a product called the Digital Content Tracker, to measure emotional response to a brand's online video content against that of its major competitors.

Alex HuntSystem1, which was previously known as BrainJuicer, uses an approach developed by psychologist and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman to describe the way consumers make most of their decisions: quickly, intuitively and emotionally. The firm's new Digital Content Tracking System has been developed to link short-term sales gains to long-term profitability, which it describes as an 'industry first'.

Using the company's Digital Ad Testing solution, the latest product measures emotional response to content, with results delivered through a bespoke dashboard. The solution also allows for a digital 'sweep' through of a brand's content, to assess trends in performance, and the service can include optimization through System1's creative agency.

Alex Hunt (pictured), President of System1 Research, comments: 'The power of emotional content to create long-term profitable growth for brands is undisputed. Yet new streams of digital communications are often thought to only work in the short-term. We've created a solution that allows clients to understand if video content will deliver 'just' for the short-term or whether it also has potential to build the brand in the long-term too'.

Web site: www.system1research.com .

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