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MMS and GfK Extend Ratings to Total Video Service

November 10 2017

Sweden's audience measurement body MMS has extended its digital ad ratings, produced by GfK, to a 'Total Video' service designed to measure the ROI of cross-platform video ads. This includes linear TV, smart TV, PC, smartphone and tablet devices.

Magnus AnshelmMMS (Mediamätning i Skandinavien) has been measuring and analysing the consumption of television and motion picture viewing since its launch in 1993, and in 2011 expanded the service to include online TV measurement. In the summer, it launched a digital ad ratings service built on GfK's data integration and data science capabilities. The service brings together data streams from four providers, who deliver panel, profile and census level datasets. This data is delivered to Sweden's market daily via MMS's ad analytics web application, to provide a 'holistic view' of ad campaign impressions, de-duplicated cross-device reach, and target group definitions.

The newly extended service now combines TV into the platform, measuring broadcaster and publisher capability in reaching incremental audiences and making TV and online comparable. GfK integrates all the datasets from MMS' existing ecosystem, via its own audience modeling platform, AAM. Magnus Anshelm (pictured), CEO of MMS, comments: 'Integrating TV and online video for total video measurements has been a key milestone and adds significant value for the Swedish market. Our next step, with the support of GfK, is to launch the Content Ratings part of our Total Video service. This will enable the Swedish market for cross-platform media planning, and activate the full premium video inventory of our broadcasters and publishers'.

Web sites: www.mms.se and www.gfk.com .

All articles 2006-18 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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