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MFour Rolls Out DisplayCheck In-Store Measure

February 20 2019

Mobile research specialist MFour has launched a service called DisplayCheck, to locate consumers who are in-store while a campaign is in flight and obtain their feedback on whether displays, signage and endcaps are being seen and driving product awareness, perception and purchases.

MFour Rolls Out DisplayCheck In-Store MeasureMFour uses GPS technology to collect information at what it calls the 'point of emotion', and offers the Surveys On The Go app, providing access to an all-mobile panel; the MFourDIY survey tool; and the Path2-Purchase Platform, through which users can field real-time location-based surveys across the purchasing cycle. A few weeks ago the company unveiled its Digital Brand Studies, which tap into its all-mobile panel of 2.5 million US consumers to provide representation of target mobile audiences for digital ad campaigns.

The new DisplayCheck uses this all-mobile panel and combines always-on observed behavior with event-triggered surveys to obtain validated metrics for in-store advertising effectiveness; providing measured KPIs such as lift in advertising, brand and product awareness, favorability, intent to buy and 'natural' purchasing. The tool tracks all store visits of mobile consumers and sends them exit surveys immediately after they have left a store where the campaign being measured is underway. MFour says feedback arrives while the visit is still fresh in the consumer's mind, preventing recall bias that undermines other in-store ad measurement methods.

Researchers who choose DisplayCheck can test in up to 1,000 locations, with a typical sample size of 200 each for exposed and control groups. Chris St. Hilaire, CEO and co-founder, comments: 'Measuring in-store ad effectiveness in-flight has always been a matter of guesswork, so DisplayCheck is another example of MFour identifying a gap in the quality of data and closing it'.

Web site: www.mfour.com .

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