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The Career Clinic - UK

Free, Expert Advice on Careers in Marketing Research


Answers to a selection of questions (100+) are available to view by topic.

Email your questions about getting into, and getting on in, Market Research to careers@mrweb.com along with your name and we'll pass them to our MR careers experts:

  • Sinead Hasson of Hasson Associates for all UK candidates and
  • Liz Norman of ENI to answer all your Australian based MR queries.

Questions and answers will be shown on the site but will be anonymised as carefully as if we were writing up a qual b2b interview. Please note that questions pertaining to careers in unrelated fields - engineering, sales etc.. - will not be answered.

Ten Common Questions:

Views expressed here are not necessarily those of MrWeb or of the companies our
columnists represent. All rights reserved.

    How do I get a start in a market research career...
- on leaving university / with no experience of business?
- transferring from another career / with experience?
    Interviews and application process
    I need a change from / within my MR job!
    Salary questions / what am I worth..?
    Which companies do n..? / state of the UK industry
    DP, IT & Field careers
    Relocation - regional and international
    Working in Australia / coming from Australia
    Freelance / part-time work
    Skills, training and qualifications
    Careers in related areas - analysis, marketing



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