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Medical Survey Bleak for the NHS

December 20 2001

The survey also found that new money for NHS modernisation is only trickling through slowly. However, it has begun to benefit some areas. The survey found numerous examples of innovative projects taking place in the NHS - but found that many were dependent on charitable funding. Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) of those surveyed said they have, at times, been thwarted in their efforts to make change happen.

A similar majority figure have been found to believe that they 'sometimes feel they are letting their patients down' because they are short of time or resources. The same proportion has also said they need more time to look after patients properly.

Dr Peter Hawker, chairman of the BMA's consultants committee, noted that 'Achieving change in the NHS can be a slow and weary process. It worries me that nearly two thirds of my colleagues have not yet felt the effects of increased NHS funding. We need to find ways of speeding the flow of money through to the front line where consultants are willing and anxious to make change happen.'

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