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SRE / Manager, Well Established Insights Business, Singapore, $US 40-60,000 - (posted May 5 2021)

Sales and Account Manager - Fast Growing Digital Data Company, Singapore, $US 50-60,000 - (posted May 5 2021)

RM, At the Cross Section of Insights, Analytics and Data Science, Singapore, $US 45-50,000 - (posted May 5 2021)

Regional Sales Manager - Renowned Global Business Intelligence Firm, Singapore, $US 60-80,000 - (posted May 5 2021)

Field / Operations Manager, Singapore, To $SG 72,000 (Negotiable) - plus bonus structure and allowances - (posted 4/5/21)

Senior Research Executive - Behavioural Insights, Singapore, $SG 4,500-5,000 per month + benefits - (posted 4/5/21)

Research Manager - Qualitative, Singapore, $SG 108,000 (Negotiable) - plus bonus structure and allowances - (posted 4/5/21)

Digital Insights Manager, Online Research - Quant Methods - Data Visualization, Singapore, $US 45-50,000 - (posted 4/5/21)

Data Science Director, Build Innovative Solutions - Manage a Team, Singapore, $US 120-130,000 - (posted 4/5/21)

Qual Research Roles, Hands On Moderation - Working with a Wide Range of Clients, Singapore, $US TBC - (posted 4/5/21)

Sales Manager, Academia and Public Sector - Data Subscription Business, Singapore, $US 50-60,000 - (posted 4/5/21)

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