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Submit Your CVIf you'd like to submit a CV to MrWeb you can either send us a document as an attachment or use the following form. If you choose to send the attachment, please state clearly on the email if you want it sent to a selection of 4 recruiters, and if there are any who already have it.
  • NB - This is a market research jobs service. If you do not want to work in MR or market analysis, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CV HERE
  • we do one of two things with CVs (only): forward them for specific job numbers entered in the first box, or send to four recruiters if you select 'yes' on the second question. If you select neither we can't do anything with it.
  • the first box is for job numbers, ie 'MrWeb refs'. General expressions such as 'please submit for all RE positions' will be ignored - there are hundreds of these and you can submit CVs yourself after reading job ads. MrWeb believes candidates should get individual attention and if you blanket mail your CV you can't expect it.
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Hasson Associates
Major Players
pfj Recruitment Consultants
Prime Insight
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RPCushing Recruitment
Snapdragon Recruitment
Spalding Goobey
Stonor Search
Tarsh Lazare
trace recruitment

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