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Event details

ESOMAR Congress 2017 - 70th Edition

10/9/17 - 13/9/17

2017 marks ESOMAR’s 70th year, a platinum anniversary with the festivities and celebrations taking place at the 70th Congress in Amsterdam.

The symbol for 70 years is platinum – a precious metal that is known for being an exceptional catalyst, remarkably resilient and incredibly valuable. Over the past seven decades our industry has demonstrated these qualities time and time again, adapting and leading when necessary to ensure the highest quality and impact.

So it is fitting that we unite as a “platinum community” for this significant birthday under the theme of VISIONARY.

As we continue to evolve, we welcome all those in (and inspired) by the world of data, research and insights to join us as we drive change and challenge the status quo. Inspire us with your vision and the role of research in defining and understanding what the future can – and should – look like.

We invite you to celebrate ESOMAR’s 70th birthday with us in Amsterdam!

For more information, please visit www.esomar.org

The Venue

Amsterdam, The Netherlands