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'Creston' Ditched as Holding Company Name

August 22 2017
UK-based marcoms group Creston Ltd will now be known as 'The Unlimited Group' - following the theme of its earlier rebranding of operating companies using the 'Unlimited' suffix.

Creston Becomes Digital Unlimited GroupCreston, which was originally established as a property company, became a 'buy-and-build' marcoms holding company in January 2001, when it made its first acquisition of full service agency Marketing Sciences and its Mobile Sensory Testing Services (MSTS) division for an initial consideration of 8.5m. The holding group since acquired quant agency CML Research; ICM Group, which at the time, included ICM Research, ICM Direct and Fieldwork UK; consumer neuroscience consultancy Walnut; and user experience, digital design and technology consultancy How Splendid Ltd. It also launched online research agency newvista; integrated sensory panel company MSTS with Marketing Sciences; and later closed CML.

Three years ago, Creston created an umbrella brand called Creston Unlimited, adding the suffix to the names of all its group companies including ICM (now ICM Unlimited) and Marketing Sciences (now Marketing Sciences Unlimited). At the end of last year, the group was sold to fund manager DBAY Advisors for around 75.8m.

The new legal name for Creston is Digital Unlimited Group Ltd - but the first word will be dropped in most use cases.

Web site: www.unlimitedgroup.com .