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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking

Neuromarketing and Eyetracking
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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking
The past year: Major news stories and initiatives The past year: Major news stories and initiatives.
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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking

Realeyes Hires Head of Customer Success - 18/1/17

Emotion analytics specialist Realeyes has hired industry veteran Tina Gaffney for the global role of Head of Customer Success. She will work from the US, reporting to London-based CEO Mihkel Jäätma. >> More

Cloverleaf Debuts In-store Emotion Measure - 13/1/17

Retail technology company Cloverleaf has launched a tool called shelfPoint, which tracks customers' emotional reactions to products while they shop, and enables brands and retailers to capture engagement and sentiment data at the moment of an in-store purchase decision. >> More

BrainJuicer's Johnson Transfers to System1 Agency - 12/1/17

BrainJuicer's European MD Mark Johnson has moved across to the firm's marcoms business System1 Agency, to drive the next phase of its expansion plans. >> More

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What's Included?
Increasingly, technology is being used to record or measure physical changes in the brain or body for MR or customer intelligence purposes. EEGs, fMRI and skin sensors can pick up things respondents don't or won't give voice to - as can cameras. Wikipedia definitions: neuromarketing and eye tracking.
EDITORIAL - Why don't we entirely trust Neuroscience?

Your customer is communicating to you, 2,000 times a second. We capture that communication ...measure it ...analyze it ...understand it like never before. www.neurofocus.com

Innerscope Research
Boston, MA-based Innerscope uses neuroscience and biometrics with its own proprietary software, to measure and analyze audience engagement with any media stimulus. www.innerscoperesearch.com


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