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Call Centre Intuitive by Ivor Knox - Managing Director - Field and Fab

How do we book enough interviewers to cover next week's projects? How do we avoid interviewers dropping off our books and seeking more regular jobs with guaranteed hours when we've got no work for them the week after? What happens if we win both of those large projects we've pitched for, meaning we need twice as many desks? How do we explain to a client that, much as we'd love to honour our original quote for a 5 minute, 100% incidence survey, one-armed window cleaners in Barnsley may be a little problematic to find and keep on the phone for half an hour, all the more so since you're insisting that they need to be up a ladder at the time of interview?

This new page will feature general items about market research trends, technologies and techniques and will have a broader focus than articles in dedicated sections. See below for some other recent articles from MRT sections.
Ivor Knox

Recent News Items
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Face Moves McNaughton to Lead New US Ops - 17/6/11
UK-based co-creation and planning agency Face is opening an office in New York later this month, and has relocated its most senior Research Director Philip McNaughton to lead and develop US operations.
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Promise Hires Leader for Communities Unit - 15/6/11
London-based co-creation agency Promise Group has appointed former FreshMinds Head of Consumer Research Phil Burgess as Consultancy Director for its Promise Communities division.
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Senior Appointments for Promise - 23/5/11
In London, co-creation agency Promise has appointed two new Executive Directors, Richard Bowden-Doyle and Ed Herten, to work with the company both in the UK and the US.
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Recent Articles

Data, Mindsets and Powerful Ideas by David Smith - Director, DVL Smith Ltd.

The customer insight landscape is changing. The data that market researchers can now access is strikingly different from only a few years ago. In this series of articles we will review the implications of the changing customer insight landscape for the mindset that customer insight professionals will need, and look at different ideas for developing these capabilities.

David Smith
Not Just for January by Chris Havemann - Co-founder and former CEO of Research Now

It's the New Year. The celebrations are over, pubs and bars are noticeably quiet, and there's still a queue for the treadmill. For research industry leaders coming back from their holidays, there were plenty of issues piled up back at the office.

Chris Havemann
Fit for Purpose by Jamie Thorpe - CEO / Head of Commercial Relations for Measurement, Grass Roots .

Consumer trends have regularly influenced the way research providers engage with respondents. Increasing familiarity with technology, and its use in our everyday lives, is currently having a huge impact on the research community, as brand owners make clear their expectations for the latest tablet computer or smart phone app to be used when interacting with their customer base.

Jamie Thorpe

Recent Editorial

Are we all co-creationists now? ...and is it a tool or a whole new field?

As both those who profess to practise co-creation and those who don?t will tell you: 'good researchers have been co-creating and not calling it that for a long time'. Whether it's a tool or a whole new field, a good handful of small to medium sized companies such as Brand Genetics, eYeka, Face, and our own pundits Promise have made such a noise about the technique recently that now the big boys are stepping up.

Sample is Sexy Again

Since Christmas we have had a flurry of activity on the sample provision front. Companies innovating and rebranding all over the place; not to mention an outbreak of free authoring and analysis tools on sample provider websites. Here at MrWeb we are wondering 'Is sample sexy again?'




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