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Association Memberships:
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Standards Observed:

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Turnover per annum, approx:

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Associated / group companies:

Main sectors worked in: - 1st column - 'main' can be any sector accounting for more than a quarter of the company's turnover, or more than 1m / $US 1.5m. Select all that apply by clicking in the relevant boxes

Other sectors worked in: - 2nd column - please select all the sectors in which your company works which aren't selected as 'main'.

Main Other

Audience / Broadcasting




Business Services incl Law and Accountancy
Catering / Foodservice
Children / Youth
Computer hardware / Office Equipment
Cosmetics & Toiletries




DIY, Home & Garden
Electronics (consumer)
Financial / Insurance
Food incl Confectionery




Green / Clean / Sustainability
Industrial / Materials
Internet Services
IT - Software, n/w & consultancy
(Traditional) Media




Mobile Devices / Comms
Oil, Gas, Water & Electricity
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
Retail (excl Food & Drink)
Social / Opinion / Public Sector




Social Media & Online Gaming
Sports / Sponsorship
Telecoms (not mobile)
Textiles / clothing
Training and Education




Transport / Distribution
Travel, Tourism & Leisure
Other Sectors

Countries / Regions worked in:
Main Other




Denmark / Finland / Norway / Sweden
Belgium / Netherlands / Lux
Other W Europe or EU
Central and E Europe (not FSU)
Former Soviet Union (FSU)




China / Hong Kong
Korea / Taiwan
(Other) SE Asia
Middle East




Bangladesh / India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka
Other Asia
Australia / NZ
South Africa
Other Africa




Mexico / Central America
South America
Other regions / countries

Project Types conducted:
Main Other
Acquisition Studies
Advertising Research
Branding / Image Research
Competitor Research
Corporate Image Studies




Customer Satisfaction Research
Employee Research
NPD / Market Potential studies
Pricing Research
Social / Policy Research




Usage & Attitude Research
Web Site Assessment
Other Research

Fieldwork types used:

Consumer Panels
Custom Panels
Data Mining, Text Analysis, Big Data, BI
Desk Research




Face-to-face interviewing
Group discussions
Hall tests
Marketing Consultancy




Medical Panels
Mobile Surveys and Monitoring
Mystery Shopping
Neuromarketing, Eyetracking, Biometrics
Online Communities / MROCs




Online Qual / Groups
Postal Studies
Social Media Analysis
Telephone interviewing
Virtual Shopping, Store and Shelf Simulation




Web Traffic Monitoring
Other techniques

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