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Sarvjeet Panesar
23 A Times of India Building
Shivji Marg, New Delhi-110015
+91 4556 8400
+91 4556 8444

Kadence International India

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What we do...
Kadence International is a dynamic market research and insight agency with the passion to drive success for your business.

A full service agency in every sense, Kadence provides data collection services, total project management and genuine insight delivery. Whatever the output required its quality will always be unquestionable and will inspire the decisions you need to make.

The Kadence Fieldwork team is built around delivering proactive feedback, flexibility and total quality. We provide unrivalled data collection services direct to Management Consultancies and other Research Agencies across the globe as well as our In-House Insight teams.

The state-of-the-art field management and collection systems are underpinned by ISO 9001, ISO 20252 and IQCS total quality standards - all delivered with passion and a high commitment to communication excellence.

Experience the energy, flexibility and a 'can-do' attitude of a boutique-style agency, backed by the offices, processes and expertise of a global group, to achieve an exceptional 'best of both' agency offering.

Number of employees: 5-9