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Simon Glanville
Harling House
47-51 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0BS
0207 091 1400

RONIN International

Data collection expert for global online & CATI projects. In-house Healthcare Professional panel, B2B, customer sat and consumer. Coverage across 50 languages. Support for programming, translation, coding, fieldwork & data delivery.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
RONIN International online & CATI data collection expertise is typically harnessed for multi-country studies, across B2B, Healthcare and harder to reach respondent groups.

With genuinely global coverage, we handle major programmes by phone, on the Web, or using our multi-channel online research and CATI capabilities to ensure full targets are achieved. The RONIN International 80-seat CATI Centre operates 24/7 to conduct research worldwide from its Central London offices. We have over 20 years experience covering project tasks from translation, survey scripting, fieldwork, coding to final data delivery. A single point of contact, experienced, Project Manager is appointed to every study.

  • RONIN IT and Medical panels
  • Multi-country CATI and online projects, from survey programming to final data
  • In-Depth Recruitment/Interviewing
  • Consultancy services to develop complex multi methodology programmes
  • Voice of the Customer/Employee, social listening.

Number of employees: 20-49