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Jan Shury
5th Floor
St. Magnus House, 3 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6HD
020 7250 3035
020 7490 2490

IFF Research Ltd

IFF Research is a full service agency - one of the largest independent research companies in the UK. Established in 1965, we conduct high quality strategic research for a wide range of private and public sector clients.
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What we do...
We design and deliver research tailored precisely to your organisation's needs, shaping methodology to the issues and audiences you wish to target.

We have particular expertise in six sectors:

1. Branding, Marketing and Communications,
2. Business & Enterprise,
3. Employment and Benefits,
4. Financial Services,
5. Health & Wellbeing,
6. Learning and Skills,
7. Regulation.

Our team of experts create high quality research programmes, drawing on a detailed knowledge of the issues faced by organisations in each sector, a wide range of data collections methodologies, and actionable feedback.

Our research teams are expert practitioners in qual and quant techniques who provide integrated research programmes and stand alones qualitative solutions.

Number of employees: 50-99