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Ben Marks
Highbury Crescent Rooms
70 Ronalds Road, London N5 1XA
020 7288 8789
020 7288 8772


We research the youth, student and young professional markets. We are powered by the 124,000 strong OpinionPanel Community - the UK's largest and best recruited specialist youth and student research panel.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
Our expertise lies in youth, student and young professional research including research for Higher Education Institutions, brands and the access to our unique market leading panels for those running their own online qualitative and quantitative surveys.

Quality lies at the heart of everything we do at YouthSight, driving both the way we generate insight and the way we recruit and manage our community of panellists.

We've adopted a unique philosophy to panel recruitment, incentivisation and engagement.

And a unique philosophy is necessary. Despite appearances, not all online panels are the same: quality varies greatly, as does the reliability of the results they deliver. The key factors driving our superior approach are:

Recruiting real people - Largely invitation-only and unique validation
Paying decent incentives - Minimum 1 incentive for every survey
Responsive and loyal panellists - The highest response rates we know of!
Motivated & engaged panellists - Proven superior engagement delivering higher quality data.

Number of employees: 10-19