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Paul Wealleans
The Mill
Hexham Business Park, Burn Lane, Hexham, NE46 3RU, United Kingdom
01434 611164


Founded in 2005, Panelbase is an independent one-stop-shop for quality global online data collection, with access to over 8m+ panellists across the world. Services include specialist B2C, B2B, medical and kids & teens panels, scripting/hosting, data services, in-home product testing (iHuts), qual recruitment and more.
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What we do...
We're a global fieldwork specialist with over 300,000 registered UK adult members, dedicated youth panels comprising over 50,000 engaged kids and teens, 800+ profiling fields and access to 8 million+ panellists worldwide. Panelbase delivers robust quality data together with a fast, flexible and competitively priced sample-only and full-service offering.

Panelbase is a member of the British Polling Council (BPC) and is accredited to deliver up-to-the-minute political polling data that is featured throughout the world's media.

We work with hundreds of research companies and end clients and offer a range of services from sample-only to fuller service, including survey scripting, translation, data tables and bespoke survey tool development.

And our trusted partnerships mean we can deliver quality sample in response to your national and international market research requirements we've recently conducted projects across the US and Europe, and as far afield as South Africa and Australia.

Panelbase - Empowering Quality Decisions

Number of employees: 20-49