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Andrew Reid
200 Granville Street
Mezzanine Floor, Vancouver, BC, Canada
+1 604 647 1980

Vision Critical

Vision Critical is a global research and technology firm that creates software and services solutions for over 600 clients, including one third of the world's top 100 brands. Its Sparq[TM] product is the most widely adopted community panel platform on the planet.
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'Regular interaction with urban audiences has given CBS Outdoor UK a level of engagement and understanding that no other outdoor media company currently offers. As a result of, people are really starting to stand up and notice the out of home market and in particular, CBS Outdoor UK.'
Gemma Proctor, Research Manager, CBS Outdoor UK

'Our insight communities have been an invaluable part in helping us change the way the voice of the customer is heard in our business. The communities have also helped open doors to more engaged dialogue with our target audience. Connecting with community members has been so impactful that our stakeholders see the significance of timely insights in their decision making processes.'
Melissa Gil, Director, Customer Intelligence, SingTel

'With the Influencer Panel we are able to do significantly more research at a fraction of the cost. We're able to access more than 15,000 of our viewers every day and turn around research in 24-48 hours, which we do all the time. We love it.'
Colby Flint - Corporate Research, Discovery Communications