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Research+Results, Munich, October 23rd - 24th 2019

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  1.   Ipsos Launches AI-based 'Question Library'  
  2.   Schlesinger Expands Senior Leadership Team  
  3.   Stagwell and MDC Reach Non-binding Merger Agreement  
  4.   Morning Consult Boosts Senior Leadership Team  
  5.   Former Kantar Exec Named Streetbees Client Strategy Head  
  6.   MrWeb 21 Years Feature: Tip of the Iceberg  
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Qual360 Europe 2021 - Winter Edition (Fully Virtual)

3/3/21 - 4/3/21

Join Europe's most popular qualitative conference for insight leaders and market researchers.

Qualitative360 2021 will be hosted virtually on our dedicated conference platform. Together with our advisory board and client partners, we are creating a unique conference agenda covering all aspects of qualitative market research.

Join us online in 2021 to experience this exciting mix of client case studies, interactive workshops and round tables to discuss innovative approaches and methodologies as well as the latest research technologies. This unique concept allows for a diverse range of participants and topics at each conference, offering local trends as well as a global perspective.

For more information, please visit eu.qual360.com

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